The Radar | Rank 1 "7 Instead of 8"

Welcome to The Radar, a segment of this blog dedicated to the art I enjoy consuming and want to pass on. Music-related recommendations infamously land on my Instagram stories daily, so in an effort to stop annoying a few of my friends, I’m channeling that energy here.

We’ll start off nice and melodramatically with this unconventional trance masterpiece by one of the most iconic acts in the dance music world, Rank 1. Founded by Piet Bervoets and Benno de Goeij (of Armin van Buuren and Gaia collaboration fame) in 1997 with a pseudonym made up as a joke, the duo rocketed up of the charts with their first hit, “Airwave.” They have since gone on to define much of the essence of the “Dutch trance sound,.”

Their works in the 2008-2012 groove-driven era of trance really struck a chord with me when I started DJing in 2011, and has remained a core component of my repertoire from then on. “7 Instead of 8” showcases what I love best about that gleaming era of their productions - a captivating, melodramatic melody, gripping drops and grooves, and clean production packaged within an unconventional time signature during the core of the track. Enjoy!